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Education empowers teens to reject vaping

Did you know vapes are an aerosol containing many cancer causing chemicals including formaldehyde? Hillary Schafer, a prevention health specialist at RiverStone Health, educates parents and teens in this column. For more information about tobacco prevention,

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Keep yourself and your Valentine healthy

In this Billings Gazette column, Stacie Pannell, RiverStone Health nurse manager, encourages all people who are now or have ever been sexually active to prioritize their well-being by seeking testing that includes screening for syphilis. That

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Know what you are drinking

Alcoholic drinks have a wide range of alcohol content, so stay informed about the types of alcohol you’re consuming and how much, says Jenna Solomon, RiverStone Health prevention specialist. As she explains in a Billings Gazette

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Compare hospices before choosing your care

During National Home Care and Hospice Month in November, hospice providers across the country make extra efforts to inform our communities about the compassionate end-of-life care we provide. We also celebrate our generous volunteers and dedicated

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Cowboy up, Montana — and mask up

Thank you to the Billings Gazette​ for the editorial on the work public health is doing to protect our communities. Please remember the 3 W’s – Wash Your Hands, Watch Your Distance, and Wear a Mask/Face

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Rumors Fly about COVID-19

The risk of becoming infected with the new coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 is dependent on exposure, and right now, that risk in Montana is low. But the virus has produced a disturbing amount of misinformation,

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