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Licenses for Body Art Establishments and Body Artists

Body art establishments and body artists both require licensing in Yellowstone County. Licenses are issued annually and are valid for the calendar year. Artists must have current certificates in Bloodborne Pathogen Training and Basic First Aid Training and successfully pass a Sanitation Quiz. Renewal notices will be mailed to licensees before the end of the calendar year.

New Licenses for Body Art Establishments and Body Artists

Plan Review Applications:

Complete and submit Plan Review Application and required fee to RiverStone Health. A Plan Review must be completed for the establishment and for each artist.
Contact local agencies for building, zoning and fire code and obtain required permits.
Upon written approval of plans, construction/remodeling can begin.
Contact RiverStone Health 406.256.2770 to schedule a pre-opening inspection.
The license fee will be collected and the license issued during the pre-opening inspection.

License Renewals

Licenses expire each year on December 31 and must be renewed. To renew your license, complete a License Renewal Application and submit the required documents and payment to RiverStone Health, 123 South 27th Street, Billings MT 59101 OR To avoid a late fee, licenses must be renewed no later than December 31.

Artists Participating in Temporary Expositions and Events

All individuals who engage in the practice of tattooing or piercing in Yellowstone County must have a license issued by the RiverStone Board of Health. A license issued in another Montana county or another state is not valid within Yellowstone County. This requirement is applicable to all artists, including those who are here temporarily, such as for an expo or special event. To obtain a license, please complete the License Application for Body Artists at Temporary Expositions and Events. Return it along with copies of the required documents at least two weeks prior to the event.


Each body art establishment and artist is inspected at least once every year to determine compliance with regulations. Inspections include an examination of training certificates and other pertinent records. Additional inspections of the body art establishment or artist may be performed as often as necessary for enforcement of the regulations.

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