Prescriptions and expert care in one convenient location

Our pharmacists do more than fill prescriptions.

They are medication experts and a key part of the RiverStone Health healthcare team. Our pharmacists work with your doctor to ensure your treatment is as safe and effective as possible.

Conveniently located on our downtown Billings campus, RiverStone Health pharmacy enables patients to get medications immediately after a medical appointment without having to go to another location.

Our Pharmacists:

  • Explain how medicine helps you achieve healthcare goals
  • Answer questions and give advice on taking medicine correctly
  • Talk to you about how to handle possible side effects
  • Show you how to use medical devices like insulin pens and inhalers
  • Check for interactions between medications
  • Help you get financial assistance for medications
You don’t need to be our patient to use the pharmacy; everyone is welcome.

Safe Medication Disposal

Throwing away unused medication in the trash or flushing them in the toilet is never a good idea.

In the pharmacy, we have a safe and secure medication drop box available during pharmacy hours for your unused prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Medication Assistance Program

RiverStone Health provides medication assistance for low-income or uninsured RiverStone Health Clinic patients who cannot afford their medications. The application process may take 4 to 6 weeks and approval is determined by the individual pharmaceutical companies. This is not an immediate or emergency assistance service.

Before the application process can begin, you must have a current 90-day prescription and have income verification documents with you. If assistance is approved, a three-month supply of medication can be provided.

No appointment is needed; medication assistance through the pharmacy is available on a walk-in basis.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

RiverStone Health clinical pharmacists work with our medical providers to start, change, discontinue and monitor medications for several common chronic conditions.


  • Improved patient and caregiver understanding about healthcare goals
  • Fewer medication-related side effects
  • Improved responses to treatment
  • Fewer medications
  • Coordination of care with provider and treatment team
  • Lower medication costs

Appointments with the clinical pharmacist can be in-person or telemedicine visits.

Your first appointment will include a comprehensive review of your medications including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, inhalers or devices and supplements.

It is important to bring all your medications or a comprehensive list of what you take when seeing a clinical pharmacist.

The clinical pharmacist will work with you to create a care plan and make needed changes in drug therapy. Follow-up appointments will make sure your healthcare goals are met.

These visits are covered under most insurance plans. Medicare patients can see our pharmacists at no cost. Our visits are also subject to Sliding Fee Scale.

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