MyPath Medical Weight Management

Supporting you on your weight loss and healthy living journey

If you are overweight, even a small amount of weight loss can greatly improve your health.

During the 10-month MyPath program, we will give you the tools and support to help you lose 10% or more of your body weight to lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems. Weight loss can also help improve chronic pain.

MyPath uses a team of experts to guide you at during every step of your weight loss journey, for a holistic, individualized approach to healthy weight.

  • Primary care provider monitors your overall health on a regular basis.
  • Certified personal trainer/wellness coach teaches and motivates you how to incorporate regular physical activity.
  • Registered dietitian provides personalized counseling and tools for making healthier food choices.
  • Behavioral health counselor helps you understand how to change your mindset and show you tools to combat stress and emotional eating.
  • Clinical pharmacist works with your doctor to review and evaluate your prescriptions for effectiveness.
Weight loss can help improve chronic pain.

The MyPath program is open only to established RiverStone Health patients with a referral from one of our providers.

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