Prenatal Care

The best care for you and your baby

At RiverStone Health, your healthy pregnancy is our highest priority.

Our caring and expertly trained family physicians provide high quality, evidence-based care throughout your pregnancy journey.

When you call RiverStone Health for your first appointment, we make sure you are quickly seen so that you and your baby get started on a healthy pregnancy.

During your pregnancy, our team monitors your and your baby’s progress and is available to answer all questions – even after clinic hours.

Call us anytime: 406.247.3350

A RiverStone Health family physician will be with you as you bring new life into the world and will continue caring for you and your baby after your baby is born and into childhood.

Our prenatal care is available at all of our RiverStone Health clinic locations in Billings, Worden, Bridger and Joliet.

High quality, evidence-based care throughout your pregnancy journey.
Preconception Counseling

Visits with our team before you get pregnant will help you be prepared both mentally and medically for your pregnancy journey. We can also help if you are having challenges with becoming pregnant.

Prenatal Appointments

We encourage women to start prenatal care early in the first trimester of pregnancy to ensure the best health for mom and baby. In addition to checking your health, your family doctor will monitor your baby’s heartbeat and measure your baby’s growth.

Comprehensive Care

You may have many questions about pregnancy and parenting. Your RiverStone Health care team can provide answers. We can connect you to childbirth preparation resources and to professional lactation consultants for breastfeeding support. Your doctor can help you get needed nutrition assistance and mental healthcare from trusted experts right on the RiverStone Health campus. After your baby is born, we provide a seamless transition into pediatric care.

RiverStone Health

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