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Subdivision Review

RiverStone Health reviews subdivision plat and certificate of survey applications. Parcels less than 20 acres in size are subject to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) review and approval process. Parcels 20 acres or more are subject to the local review process. The review fee is based on the complexity of the submittal, including the type of water and sewer system required. Reviews may take up to 55 days to process.

DEQ Subdivision Review Forms and Checklists (for parcels less than 20 acres)

Local Subdivision Review Forms and Checklists (for parcels 20 acres or more)

Septic/Onsite Wastewater Systems

How to obtain a septic permit:

Verify that property has been approved for a septic system through the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) or local review process.
Obtain a Permit Tracking Sheet from the Yellowstone County Courthouse, Room 305. The Permit Tracking Sheet will verify that an address has been assigned, an approach permit has been issued, and that the property is not located in a floodplain.
Submit the Permit Tracking Sheet along with a detailed lot layout and required fee to RiverStone Health. For residential properties, specify the number of bedrooms. An unfinished basement is counted as one bedroom.
RiverStone Health will contact applicant with the approval and specifications for installation.
Both new and repaired systems must be inspected and permitted before placing the system into use. At time of installation, call RiverStone Health Environmental Health Services at 406.256.2770 to schedule an inspection. Upon completion of a satisfactory inspection, a permit will be issued.
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