We Honor Veterans

One out of four Americans who need end-of-life care is a veteran. RiverStone Health Hospice Services’ We Honor Veterans program is designed to meet the unique needs of former service members.

RiverStone Health Hospice staff receives specialized training on service-related illnesses and conditions, including handling trauma and other physical or psychological needs.

We realize that the effects of military service may continue for a lifetime.

Some veterans who have coped well in civilian life may experience increased combat-related psychological pain as they approach the end of their life.

When possible, we try to pair veterans with hospice volunteers who have also served their country. The common bond sometimes encourages a comradery between them. The connections enrich the lives of both volunteers and patients.

Our social workers also provide veteran-specific services, including connecting veterans with local Veterans Administration staff, help them to secure VA benefits, and offering emotional support for the veteran and their family.

“Wherever they’re at, I go. I enjoy doing it because I am a veteran. We veterans can relate. A lot of people who aren’t in the military don’t understand the camaraderie and sacrifices.”
– Hospice volunteer Pete Timm

RiverStone Health

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