Trailer Courts & Campgrounds

Trailer courts and campgrounds are reviewed and licensed by the State of Montana.

A trailer court is defined in state law as a parcel of land upon which two or more spaces are available to the public and designated for occupancy by trailers or mobile homes for use as residences.

(b) The term does not include a parcel composed of platted lots, each lot of which:

  • (i) is filed with the county clerk and recorder;
  • (ii) contains only one trailer space; and
  • (iii) is served by a public water supply system and public sewage system that meet the requirements of rules for systems adopted pursuant to Title 75, chapter 6, part 1, and that are located within the boundaries of an incorporated city or town.

A campground is a parcel of land available to and principally used by the public for camping, where persons can camp, secure tents or cabins, or park trailers for camping and sleeping purposes.

New Licenses

Step 1:  For zoning approval, contact the City/County  Planning Department, 2825 3rd Avenue North; 4th Floor Miller Building; Billings, MT 59101; or call, 406.657.8246, or visit the Yellowstone County Planning Department webpage.

Step 2: For trailer court or campground approval, including water and sewer, contact:

Step 3: Complete and submit Plan Review Application along with the required fee to Environmental Health Services at RiverStone Health.

Step 4: Contact local agencies for building, zoning and fire code and obtain required permits.

Step 5:  Upon written approval of plans, construction/expansion can begin.

Step 6:  Contact RiverStone Health at 406.256.2770 to schedule a pre-opening inspection.

Step 7: The license fee will be collected and the license issued during the pre-opening inspection.

Change of Ownership

For a change of ownership, contact Environmental Health Services at RiverStone Health 406.256.2770.

License Renewals

Licenses are reviewed and issued annually (January 1 – December 31) by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.  Current license holders will receive a renewal application in November.  Renewal payments are due by December 31 to avoid a late fee.

For questions on renewals, contact:

Gail Macklin, Licensing – 406.444.2415 or


RiverStone Health Environmental Health Services conducts annual inspections of trailer courts and campgrounds in Yellowstone County.  Inspections are focused on health related issues and determine compliance with Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Rules.


To report a complaint, call Environmental Health Services at 406.256.2770.