Curb the Suicide Crisis

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More than 60 percent of Montana suicides are completed using firearms. The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone Valley has embraced a campaign to encourage voluntary secure storage of firearms. You can find out more about the campaign, which is backed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in this column written by Claire Oakley, our Director of Population Health Services.

Using Gloves Correctly

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One of our Registered Sanitarians separates fact from fiction when it comes to using gloves to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Recess: It’s not just for kids

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Adults can benefit from play, as this column by Melissa Henderson, our Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator, points out.

Strengthening the Clean Indoor Air Act in Yellowstone County

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When Rule #7 takes effect on March 1st in Yellowstone County, it will strengthen Montana’s Clean Indoor Air Act. This Billings Gazette column by Claire R. Oakley, our Director of Population Health Services, points out the specifics of the new rule.

Reducing Your Risk For Strokes

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The risk of a stroke increases as we age. But Dr. Stephen Bertucci, a resident physician with the Montana Family Medicine Residency, points out some things you can do to lower your risk.

Mismanaging Medications Can Prove Dangerous

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By one estimate, nearly half of older adults take one or more medicines that are not really needed. Amy Moser, one of our clinical pharmacists, offers tips on taking medications correctly.

Stopping the Flu from Spreading

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With flu season in full swing, it’s still not too late to getting your flu shot, the best protection against influenza. Our director of Community Health Services and Family Health Services offers more tips on halting the spread of influenza.

High Radon Levels Can Cause Harm

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Find out why you should consider getting your house tested for radon in this column by one of our Registered Sanitarians. Most of Montana is in a high-risk category for exposure to radon, a naturally occurring gas that can cause health problems when it remains at high levels over time.

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