Helping Kids Deal with Bad Days

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Our licensed clinical professional counselor at RiverStone Health’s Orchard School Clinic explains how adults modeling good behavior can help their children when they have a no good, very bad day.

Improving Academic Performance by Improving Health

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School-based clinics have been shown to improve children’s overall health and their success in school. Health issues that can influence academic success include poor dental health, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, inattention and hyperactivity. School-based health centers help address those issues. They can also help reduce chronic absenteeism, which is linked to an increased risk of academic failure.

A Win- Win Situation

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Find out about the National Health Service Corps, which offers scholarships to students or loan repayment to primary care providers who agree to practice in areas where they are needed. The NHSC helps Community Health Centers, like RiverStone Health Clinic, to attract medical providers.

Following food trucks and food safety

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While food trucks are inspected like other restaurants, their tight space, limited staff and mobility pose some special challenges. Our director of Environmental Health Services offers some tips on doing your own food safety check.

Breastfeeding & Drugs

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Find out the latest advice from one of our Montana Family Medicine Residency physicians concerning marijuana and other substance abuse during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Getting children vaccinated

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Don’t let cost be a reason to delay getting vaccinations. The Vaccines for Children program provides vaccine to children ages 0-18 who are uninsured or under-insured. Get your back-to-school immunizations now to avoid the rush.

Neighborhood Placemaking

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Our Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator writes about ways neighbors can get together to foster a sense of place. She links the sense of connection and well-being to improved health. Safe, walkable streets and great parks go a long way toward encouraging a more active lifestyle.

Childhood Trauma Affects Your Health

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study suggests that the more trauma you face as a child, the more likely you are to engage in risky behaviors or have poor health as an adult. You can take a short quiz to find out your ACE score. Knowing your score, may help you understand your past and do something about your future.

Keeping Foods Safe in Summer

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Our Director of Environmental Health Services offers tips on keeping foods safe at outdoor picnics and barbecues.

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