Keep Children’s Vaccinations On Schedule

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Immunization can protect infants from 14 serious childhood diseases before age 2. Keeping your child’s vaccinations current provides the best possible protection, as this Billings Gazette by Karmen Hammermeister points out.

HPV Vaccine Protects Against Cancer

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Cervical cancer is almost always caused by the human papillomavirus, commonly called HPV. Only females can get cervical cancer, but both males and females can get HPV and spread it to others. In this Billings Gazette column, Shawna Coleman, a Health Prevention Specialist, offers even more reasons why all youngsters should get the HPV vaccine.

Let Others Know Your End-of-Life Wishes

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You can’t predict what the future holds, but you can think about your values, your beliefs and what’s important to you, according to Linda Roers, a geriatric educator at RiverStone Health. Find out more about advance planning, which lets others know how you would like to be cared for at the end of your life.

Cancer Screening Can Save Lives

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Only 62 percent of Montanans are up to date on their screenings for colorectal cancer. In an effort to increase screening rates and save lives, each patient over age 50 at RiverStone Health Clinic — no matter their insurance status or ability to pay — is offered a free FIT test during appointments. The yearly FIT test is a take-home screening test for colorectal cancer.

Resolving Workplace Conflicts

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Understanding the causes of conflict, and learning how to communicate more effectively to resolve differences, can improve your overall job satisfaction. John Wessell, with our Behavioral Health Team, offers tips in this Billings Gazette column.

Curb the Suicide Crisis

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More than 60 percent of Montana suicides are completed using firearms. The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone Valley has embraced a campaign to encourage voluntary secure storage of firearms. You can find out more about the campaign, which is backed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in this column written by Claire Oakley, our Director of Population Health Services.

Using Gloves Correctly

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One of our Registered Sanitarians separates fact from fiction when it comes to using gloves to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Recess: It’s not just for kids

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Adults can benefit from play, as this column by Melissa Henderson, our Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator, points out.

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