Board of Health

The RiverStone Board of Health sets public health policy for Yellowstone County. As the governing body of RiverStone Health, the Board is also responsible for setting RiverStone Health’s governance and organizational policy.

The Board strives to assure all constituencies and viewpoints are considered and represented in its policy setting activities. It is responsible for fulfilling the obligations and activities of the “local Board of Health” for Yellowstone County, as that term and those duties are defined in applicable Montana statutes.

The Board of Health is responsible for developing and implementing an effective short and long term strategic planning process, including development of systems to monitor achievement of strategic goals to improve the life, health and safety of residents within Yellowstone County. This includes establishing, evaluating, and periodically modifying the vision, mission and values of the organization; assuring proper financial oversight; and legal and ethical operation of the organization. The board contains committees that meet separately and whose meeting minutes can be found here.

The Board of Health is responsible for selecting, employing, evaluating and terminating RiverStone Health’s President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Yellowstone County’s Health Officer.

This Health Officer also serves in the role of Air Pollution Control Officer for Yellowstone County.

Latest Board Meeting Agenda and Schedule