Gardeners’ Market open 4-6 p.m. Thursdays in South Park

The Gardeners’ Market season is underway with fresh, affordable local produce for sale from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursdays in South Park. Local vendors also will be selling eggs, baked items, other foods and handicrafts. Jenna Solomon, the Healthy by Design Gardeners’ Market manager at RiverStone Health shares the perks of shopping at the market this summer and fall.

Simple summer snacks help keep kids healthy

Summer is here, and it’s time for parents to think about the summer menu. Callie Miller, a registered dietitian with RiverStone Health WIC, shares recipes for balanced summer snacks that include lots of fruit and veggies, which have natural hydration and vitamin C to protect against damage from sunburns.

Choosing the best sunscreen for your family

Your skin protects you. You should protect it. Sheri Pope, a prevention health specialist at RiverStone Health helps you find the sunscreen that fits your needs to keep your family safe while enjoying the benefits of the sun.

Help prevent suicides in Yellowstone County

Did you know one in four area residents has considered suicide? Sarah Music of RiverStone Health and the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone Valley talks about community resources available to help prevent suicide.

What parents can learn from well child visits

Annual well child visits help ensure that your child can enjoy a happy, fun, healthy and productive year. Dr. William Hong, MD, a family physician at RiverStone Health Clinic, writes about the benefits for parents to consider when thinking about their children’s healthcare.

Yellowstone County’s surge in syphilis cases

As a state, Montana has the seventh highest rate of syphilis among women of childbearing age (15-44 years). Montana’s rate is nearly 30 times the national average, according to the CDC. Stacie Pannell, RN, RiverStone Health’s communicable disease manager, talks about prevention and treatment options for syphilis.

Stop opioid overdoses, save lives with Narcan

So far in 2024, Yellowstone County law enforcement and other first responders have been called to 50 suspected overdoses, including one that resulted in death. Jace Dyckman, a prevention health specialist at RiverStone Health, explains how Naloxone (brand name Narcan) stops opioid overdoses. For more information, call 406.651.6416.

Keep families healthy to reduce risk of child abuse

Caring for children can be stressful, especially when parents or caregivers lack positive parenting skills or support from family, friends or the broader community. Kristen Bonner, RN, BSN, talks about strategies for protecting children by strengthening families. To learn how RiverStone Health can help, call 406.247.3360.

Child abuse hurts our whole community

Strong communities have strong families. Families are strong and healthy when they are free from abuse. Yellowstone Valley Children’s Advocacy Center coordinator Nichole Lund talks about Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is observed in April, which is an opportunity to focus on ways we can work to prevent child abuse in our community.

Public health workers help Yellowstone County thrive

RiverStone Health is the largest health department in Montana and serves the county’s 170,000 residents. It is our job to make sure everyone who lives or visits here is protected to the best of our ability. We focus on the services our agencies provide to our communities to prevent disease, protect the public and promote health. Melissa Henderson, director of Health Promotion at RiverStone Health, writes about how local and state health departments are celebrating National Public Health Week April 1-7.

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