Emergency Preparedness

For Public Health Emergencies, call 406.247.3200

RiverStone Health is responsible for coordinating activities in a public health crisis or emergency situation in Yellowstone County. Our work involves research, training and education, simulated exercises, public information and response.

We provide and support planning both with community partners and within RiverStone Health. During a public health emergency, we play a vital role in maintaining the health of our community as all RiverStone Health staff members are trained to respond. To prevent the spread of disease or reduce the impact of a major health risk, we provide timely and effective information about the situation and medical treatment.

We have strong relationships with other community first-responder organizations through the Yellowstone County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). By working together before an incident, we can more effectively respond and communicate during a public health threat.

A family disaster supply kit (examples here and here) is a collection of items you may need in an emergency.  Having a kit prepared in advance can help you quickly evacuate and survive until help can reach you.

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services supports the Montana Healthcare Mutual Aid System (MHMAS) for volunteers, allowing hospitals and public health agencies to meet emergency medical response needs. The system relies on medical and public health volunteers to provide expertise and assistance in an emergency. The system contains a database of volunteer healthcare personnel who will provide aid in an emergency. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to add your name to the database, click here to learn more.

For more information, contact us:

RiverStone Health Emergency Preparedness
123 South 27th Street
Billings, Montana 59101
Phone: 406.651.6541 or 406.651.6456