Clinic Services

Older Adult Care

At RiverStone Health, we are changing the way we look at and think about aging. Our family doctors are experts in geriatrics. They provide clinical services and programs that encourage healthy aging, treat patients with chronic illnesses, and provide support and education for family members and caregivers.

Age-Friendly Health System

Our primary care clinics in Billings, Bridger, Joliet and Worden are the first in Montana to be recognized as an Age-Friendly Health System. This certification means that RiverStone Health Clinics are enhancing our focus on what matters most to our older adult patients. Our team of medical and mental health professionals work with you so that you can remain safe, active, mobile and healthy.

Meet Our Medical Team

RiverStone Health patients receive care from highly experienced, board-certified family physicians and family medicine resident physicians. Our outstanding geriatrics care is led by a board-certified geriatrician who consults regularly with all our doctors and physician assistants.

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Holistic Care for You

Your RiverStone Health primary care team will work to provide all of your healthcare at every age and stage of life. In addition to medical care, we offer needed mental health care and dental care – all in our main Billings clinic location.

Inpatient & Outpatient Care

If you are hospitalized,  RiverStone Health family doctors continue to care for you in the hospital and develop a discharge plan that meets your  individual needs. If needed, RiverStone Health can help arrange professional home care and rehabilitation therapy after hospitalization. And when the end of life is near, we can arrange for hospice care.

Affordable Care

RiverStone Health Clinics accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Our medical and dental clinics offer a sliding fee scale to patients who don’t have insurance coverage. No one is denied needed care because of inability to pay.

Our primary goal is simple: to ensure that our patients 65 and older enjoy the best possible quality of life for as long as possible. RiverStone Health is here for you and your loved ones.

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