Breathing Cleaner Air

During the last Legislative session, 12 Republicans and Democrats stopped an attack on a local rule to the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act.

Hospice Home Wedding Couple

Hospice staff organized a wedding for a couple who had been together for 35 years. After the groom asked the hospice chaplain if he could perform the ceremony, staff pitched in to organize makeup, hair, nails, wedding dress, flowers, food and a wedding cake.

Gathering Marks Homeless Memorial Day

With prayers in Spanish and English, hugs, tears and a smudging ceremony, Billings marked the Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day on the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year.

STD Rates Rising in Yellowstone County

Rates of sexually transmitted diseases have seen large increases. What can you do? Talk frankly to your healthcare provider about your risk factors and about getting tested.

Residencies Ease Montana’s Shortage of Primary Care Doctors

This Billings Gazette feature indicates the role medical residencies, like the Montana Family Medicine Residency, play in attracting physicians to settle in Montana. Of MFMR’s 129 graduates since 1998, 75 of the physicians are practicing in Montana.

Residency Helps Fill Doctor Shortage

Since 1998, the Montana Family Medicine Residency has trained 75 primary care doctors who are now practicing in Montana, easing the shortage of doctors in the state.

Volunteers Describe Hospice Experiences

A panel of six recounted the support they offer as hospice volunteers during a training for new volunteers. Ian Pickering recalled the first day he went to his volunteer assignment. He worried that he wasn’t ready and that he should have spent more time reading his training binder. He quickly realized he had everything he needed as a volunteer. “When you show up,” he said, “the only thing you need to bring is your heart.”

Reducing Suicide Deaths Among Veterans

Montana has about twice the suicide rate as the national average, with 25 suicides for every 100,000 people. A team from Billings was chosen among the first eight teams to participate in the Mayor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Service Members, Veterans and their families using a public health approach to increase suicide prevention support for veterans in their communities.

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