Dementia patients benefit from hospice care

If your family is struggling with the changes that come at the end of Alzheimer’s disease, hospice can help. Kim Brown, RN case manager for RiverStone Health Hospice, explains how the professional hospice team can assist dementia patients and their family/friend caregivers. To learn more, please call hospice at 406.651.6500.

Sign up for 2023 ACA insurance started Nov. 1

Now is the time to sign up for affordable, comprehensive health health insurance coverage that will start Jan. 1. RiverStone Health Clinic Certified Application Counselors are available to assist you with Federal Marketplace enrollment. Please call 406-651-6540 with questions or to schedule an in-person appointment. In this column, RiverStone Health’s Scooter Gates explains how Marketplace plans can help Montanans.

10 tips for parenting toddlers

The words you speak to your child often become their inner voice. What they believe, they will become. How can you help your child have a positive internal dialogue? Kaylee Stark, Program Coordinator/Educator for RiverStone Health Family Health Services, offers 10 tips for parenting toddlers. Kaylee can be reached at 406-694-4830.

Make Halloween safer, healthier for kids

Find fun and healthy Halloween treat ideas in this Billings Gazette column from Melissa Davis, RiverStone Health WIC intern. To learn more about the WIC nutrition program for pregnant women, new moms and children under age 5, call us at 406.247.3340.

When are kids too sick to go to school?

Is my child too sick for school today? James Miller, PA-C, with RiverStone Health School-based Clinics at Orchard Elementary and Medicine Crow Middle School, offers guidance for parents to look at symptoms and decide whether a child should stay home. Our school-based clinics are open to serve all students and their families in Billings Public Schools. Call 406.247.3210.

Preconception counseling for healthier pregnancy

Scheduling preconception counseling with your healthcare provider can offer peace of mind when entering into one of the most exciting changes of one’s life. In the latest Health Matters column, Dr. Luke Leary of RiverStone Health Clinic explains the importance of establishing goals and planning for both pregnancy and life after pregnancy.
To make an appointment with Dr. Leary or any of RiverStone Health’s family physicians, call 406-247-3350.

Flu resurging, COVID-19 never left

Influenza is back in Montana. Yellowstone County had its first confirmed flu case of the season last week and Flathead County also has had flu. Now is the time to get your annual flu vaccine, says Kelly Gardner, RN, RiverStone Health communicable disease program manager. Flu shots are recommended for everyone age 6 months and older. To schedule your vaccine, call RiverStone Health Immunization Clinic at 406.247.3382. Flu shots also are available for RiverStone Health patients at our primary care clinics in Billings, Bridger, Joliet and Worden.

Why your newborn needs well child checkups

Dr. Marina Hansen of RiverStone Health Clinic explains why newborns benefit from well child checkups in this article published in the Sept. 19 Billings Gazette. To make appointments for you or your child, please call RiverStone Health Clinic at 406.247.3350.

Build compassionate community to prevent suicide

Protective factors in your community can help prevent suicides. Sarah Music, of RiverStone Health, chairs the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone Valley, which will offer a free, virtual conference from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. on Sept. 23. To learn more or register, go to Continuing education credits are available for nurses, teachers, LAC, LCPC and LCSW.

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