Highest HIV Risk May Call for PrEP

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A daily medication can dramatically lower the risk of getting HIV, a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. PrEP is only for people who are at very high risk of getting HIV, but who are still HIV-negative. It requires regular medical follow-up, including getting retested for HIV every three months.

Coping with Loss During the Holidays

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It’s tough to grieve while others are celebrating. A social worker with RiverStone Health Hospice Services offers some suggestions on handling the holidays.

How Health Equity Fits into Community Goals

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Our Director of Population Health Services explains health equity and how it factors into the Community Health Assessment goal of promoting healthy lifestyles in our community.

Health Insurance Enrollment Opens Soon

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RiverStone Health’s specially trained counselors offer unbiased help in picking the right health insurance plan and finding out if you qualify for a tax credit to lower the cost. Make an appointment at 651-6540 or marketplace@riverstonehealth.org.

Education Plus Healthcare Equals Student Success

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School-based clinics, which are opening across the country, can improve the education and health of our children and their families. After opening Billings’ first school-based clinic inside Orchard Elementary School, RiverStone Health has expanded the Clinic’s reach to include the same services to children and families of Ponderosa, Newman and Washington elementary schools, along with Riverside Middle School.

Income, Education Affect Tobacco Use

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Tobacco use and its health consequences disproportionately affect people who have lower incomes and education levels. Among Montanans who earn less than $15,000 a year, 40 percent smoke regularly, according to the Montana Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Protect Yourself Against the Flu

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Nearly everyone from the age of 6 months on up should get vaccinated each year against influenza. Last flu season, 433 hospitalizations and 33 deaths in Montana were associated with the flu. Here are some other ways to protect yourself:

Getting to the heart of a medical home

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Why should patients care about having a medical home? Abi Ashcraft, a resident physician with the Montana Family Medicine Residency at RiverStone Health, explains the benefits of a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

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