Board Members

RiverStone Health Foundation is governed by a diverse Board of Directors.  In addition to the Board’s governance responsibilities, they also work to ensure that financial resources are available to fulfill its mission of Improving Life, Health and Safety through Philanthropy.

The Board is representative of our generous community.

Ryan Nordlund

Career:  Attorney, City Vineyard
Year joined board: 2019

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: As a former Deputy County Attorney for Yellowstone County, I saw firsthand the devastating effects lack of access to healthcare, especially mental healthcare, can have on our community. I am grateful to be part of RiverStone Health’s mission to provide quality healthcare to the community and ensure that those most in need of crucial services do not fall through the cracks.  RiverStone Health continues to make our community a better place to live in ever-expanding ways, and I am excited to contribute to its growth.

John Dorr, MD

Career: Interim Dean of the College of Allied Health Professions, MSU-Billings
Year joined: 2020
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I practiced orthopedics for almost 40 years before retiring and have served on the RiverStone Board of Health since 2015. As the board Chair, I am deeply concerned that RiverStone Health may struggle financially in coming years since the outlook on public health funding is troubling. I have encouraged RiverStone Health Foundation to build an endowment that will allow the organization to continue its crucial community services. When you know all the good things RiverStone Health does for Billings and Yellowstone County, you want to get involved and sustain the positive work they do. Please contribute to our endowment – for the organization and all its amazing efforts.

Greg Wing

Career: Retired Vice President and CFO, Stillwater Mining Company
Year joined board: 2016
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: My wife and I share a long-standing interest and involvement in assuring the excellence of healthcare in the communities where we have lived. Having resided in Yellowstone County for more than 12 years, we have been impressed with the quality of healthcare facilities and the dedicated service of healthcare professionals in this area. It is my hope that through service on the RiverStone Health Foundation board of directors I can help ensure that the high standards of professional care we have experienced will be continued and strengthened into the future for all residents of this community.

John Felton

Career: RiverStone Health, President & CEO
Year joined board: 2009

John joined RiverStone Health in May, 2004. Prior to joining the organization he spent eight years as CEO of Northern Rockies Radiation Oncology Center, a non-profit freestanding radiation therapy center; six years as Vice President of Professional Services at a rehabilitation and sub-acute care facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was a member of both the Board of Health and Yellowstone Health Partnership Board. John has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Montana, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puget Sound. John has been a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives since 2000.

Carol Beam

Career: Rocky Mountain Health Network
Year joined board: 2022

Why you’re committed to serving on the board:

RiverStone Health has been serving our communities for more than three decades. It provides health, education, leadership and protection to everyone in need, regardless of ability to pay. RiverStone Health’s website promises access, affordability, compassion and quality in everything it does. This is a real promise, not just words. The good work of RiverStone Health must endure and that’s where the RiverStone Health Foundation fits in. The Foundation plays a key role in RiverStone Health’s future success. Serving on the Foundation Board gives me the opportunity to ensure that RiverStone Health can fulfill its promises to everyone. We all deserve to live in a community that values health.

Dan Carter

Career: ExxonMobil Billings Refinery public and government affairs

Year joined board: 2020

Why you are committed to serving on the board: I believe in what RiverStone Health does and care about what the organization stands for. I believe in the mission of quality public health. I care about the mental and physical health of our entire community, especially for those who cannot easily advocate for themselves. We are all family and RiverStone Health ensures our family is strong.

Drew Hedrick

Career: Century 21 Hometown Brokers

Year joined board: 2020

Why you are committed to serving on the board: I believe that mental, physical and emotional health are at the core of a vibrant community.  RiverStone Health is the leading advocate for those in our community who may lack the resources to obtain health services by other means.  After meeting with the staff, and learning about RiverStone Health programs and services, I was compelled to be a part of an organization that strives to improve our community on a daily basis.  I am honored and humbled to be a part of the RiverStone team as a member of the foundation board.

David Mitchell

Career: Coldwell Banker Commercial CBS

Year joined board: 2020

Why you are committed to serving on the board: When you look at all the good RiverStone Health Foundation accomplishes, it excites a community. That excitement influenced me to serve on the board. Healthcare is vital to our city. RiverStone Health Foundation’s mission and purpose impact Billings with results, solutions and proactive measures. I want to be a part of that impact.

Bill Royer

Career: UBS Financial Services

Year joined board: 2020

Why you are committed to serving on the board: RiverStone Health is an essential service for the entire Billings community. The quality of the staff, organizational leadership and openness to serving the underprivileged in our community is exceptional. Being on the foundation board will allow me to help endow this organization so future generations will receive quality healthcare, regardless of their economic background.   In the years to come, I envision RiverStone Health, in partnership with the Billings community, to be in a position of financial strength. I look forward to helping build an organization that has long-term economic viability.