Board of Health Members

John Dorr, MD

Career: Orthopedic Surgeon for 40 years, retired in 2013; adjunct professor Rocky Mountain College Physician Assistant Program, 2013-2018; director of Education Outreach for Montana State University Billings, 2018 to present.
Year joined: 2015
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I strongly support RiverStone Health’s mission of providing care for the underserved and training primary care physicians through the residency program. We need to develop a stronger mental healthcare program. I see a trend to helping patient’s manage their own care in an outpatient setting.

James D. Harris
Secretary / Treasurer

Career: Retired from a 30 year career in hospital finance.
Year joined: 2014
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: To apply my professional background and skills in a manner that provides a positive contribution in our community, especially in support of those underserved by our healthcare delivery system. Riverstone Health is important to the overall health of Yellowstone County for its oversight and administration of public health policy, and as a key member of the regional healthcare provider community.

Norma J. Cleveland

Career:  Business Informatics, with St. Vincent Healthcare since 1987

Joined board:  2016

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: RiverStone Health has such a commitment to the community in so many ways. RiverStone Health’s involvement goes beyond the health clinic, hospice and residency program. I see RiverStone Health as a key to keeping the community informed with the facts on diseases such as Zika virus, Ebola, etc. It is exciting to be part of the new expansion of the RiverStone Health Clinic. The dedication of RiverStone Health staff is outstanding. I am proud to be associated with this great organization.

Brent Cromley

Career: Attorney, of Counsel, with Moulton Bellingham, P.C.

Year joined: 1998

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I’m interested in maintaining its excellent record of serving the health and health-education needs of Yellowstone County.

Deborah Davis

Career: School nurse employed by Billings Public Schools.  Previously worked with Indian Health Service and U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps

Year joined the board: 2021

Why I am committed to serving on the board: I want to be a part of an amazing board of professionals as we serve our community. I am most interested in our diverse population that we serve to improve life, health and safety in Yellowstone County. Thank you for allowing me to serve on the board.

Michael Dennis, Ph.D.

Career: Retired University Professor, Montana State University Billings, 1987-2013.

Year joined: 2003

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: Everyone in our community deserves quality, compassionate healthcare, regardless of their socioeconomic status. They benefit from active, progressive public health services. And they need an advocate to represent their interests in the ever-changing arena of healthcare and human services. RiverStone Health successfully meets all these objectives.

I’m passionate about infant, child and adult immunization programs and anti-smoking legislation. I’m concerned for the future about the increasing disparity in access to healthcare services, especially primary care services for those most in need.

Anne Giuliano, MD

Career:  Radiologist with Radiology Partners.  Wound Care Specialist at the St. Vincent HealthCare’s Wound Healing Center.
Year Joined:  2018
Why you are committed to serving on the board:  I am committed to quality healthcare for all and I support the Mission and Values of Riverstone Health.  I am very interested in public health policy and how our efforts can improve the overall health of our community.

John Hedge

Career: Senior Vice President – Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch
Year joined: 2011
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: Access to quality healthcare is critical for our community to grow and prosper.

Don Jones

Career: Experienced in small and large business leadership and management, small business owner, Yellowstone County commissioner.

Year joined: 2019

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: Interested in efficient and effective public health services.

Amy MacKenzie Sanders

Career:  More than 20 years of experience in state and local health departments
Year joined:  2013
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I’ve always been committed to public health and to maintaining the health of the community, which maintains the health of all of us. I’m especially interested in environmental health and all the things that affect us  — the food we eat, the air quality and the water quality.

Lionel Tapia

Career: Physician

Year joined: 2003

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: Having an interest in health care for populations at risk, I served in the U.S. Public Health Service at the end of my residency training. I have been involved in community health centers in one way or another for 33 years. I continue to be convinced the community health centers provide a vital service in ways that would not otherwise happen for folks that need these services.

Joan M. Thullbery, RN

Career: Director of Acute and Ambulatory Clinical Informatics, St. Vincent Healthcare
Year joined: 2010
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I’m committed to serving on the Board of Health because it gives me an opportunity to serve a Community Health Center that innovates on behalf of their patients. To be able to innovate on behalf of their patients, RiverStone Health must also innovate on behalf of their staff and providers. RiverStone Health’s ongoing work toward quality care ensures that their medical residents get the very best experience possible as they grow into being providers. By being early adopters of things like Patient-Centered Medical Home and other quality initiatives, RiverStone Health has transformed itself from a small Community Health Center to being a multifaceted community care organization. It is exciting to be a small part of this work.

Steve Wahrlich

Career: Owner, Best Western Plus ClockTower Inn
Year joined: 2011
Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I invest my time and resources in organizations that improve our community and make a difference in downtown Billings. RiverStone Health is important to me. We need to make sure quality healthcare is accessible to everyone within our community.

K.C. Williams

Career: Yellowstone County Director of Disaster and Emergency Services and Fire Warden

Year joined: 2021

Why I am committed to serving on the board. I began working in a hospital as an equipment tech in 1982 while in high school. That experience developed into a career dedicated to serving the community. I have been a registered respiratory therapist for over 32 years, a firefighter for 30 years, a law enforcement agent, EMT, hospital administrator, critical care educator, and now emergency manager. I have a passion for serving the healthcare needs of our community. I look forward to being an active and contributing participant. It is an honor and a privilege to serve.

John Felton, MPH, MBA, FACHE

Career: President & CEO, Riverstone Health
John joined RiverStone Health in May, 2004. Prior to joining the organization he spent eight years as CEO of Northern Rockies Radiation Oncology Center, a non-profit freestanding radiation therapy center; six years as Vice President of Professional Services at a rehabilitation and sub-acute care facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was a member of both the Board of Health and Yellowstone Health Partnership Board. John has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Montana, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puget Sound. John has been a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives since 2000.