About Us

RiverStone Health was created in 2008 as a single identity and umbrella organization to reflect all of our services.  We grew out of the Yellowstone City-County Health Department (YCCHD), which began providing public health services to our community in 1974.

For the more than 40 years that we have served the community, Health, Education, Leadership and Protection (HELP) have been the foundation of our work.

In our role as the Yellowstone City-County Health Department, (YCCHD) we have led public health efforts to protect safety and well-being. But RiverStone Health is far more than simply a local public health department.

  • In our medical and dental clinics, we see 20,000 patients a year, more than half of whom are uninsured. Our clinics are part of a network of Community Health Centers, supported by federal government grants. The funding enables us to provide healthcare to all, regardless of their ability to pay. Low-income and uninsured patients rely on our sliding fee scale. In addition to our main RiverStone Health Clinic, we have satellite clinics in Bridger, Joliet, and Worden, plus a school-based health center at Orchard Elementary School in Billings, which opened in the spring of 2015.
  • Through the Montana Family Medicine Residency, we attract and train doctors to help meet Montana’s shortage of family practice physicians, with nearly 70 percent of those doctors staying in Montana. We are one of the first eleven Teaching Health Centers in the country and our Family Medicine Residency was the first graduate medical education program in Montana.
  • Through our Family Health Services, with well-known services such as WIC, the supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children, and lesser known services such as Maternal Child Health and the Nurse-Family Partnership, we help families and young children improve their lives.
  • Through Hospice Services, we care for individuals with dignity at the end of their lives and are recognized for our excellence in quality compassionate care by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). We care for individuals with terminal illnesses in their own homes, but we are so committed to providing the full range of services that in 2011 we built the 12-bed RiverStone Health Hospice Home on Billings’ West End, which offers a level of medical care normally associated with hospitals. It is the only such facility in a nearly 200 mile radius.
  • Our Public Health efforts to prevent infectious diseases, improve health, prepare for public health emergencies and safeguard the food we eat and the air we breathe, make our whole community a safer and better place to live. We were recognized for our efforts by the Public Health Accreditation Board and became one of the first 50 health departments in the nation to be accredited.
Significant Milestones

  • 1984 – Deering Clinic (RiverStone Health Clinic) opens, offering medical health services
  • 1998 – Yellowstone City-County Health Department becomes the first health services district in the state of Montana
  • 1998 – Big Sky Hospice (RiverStone Health Hospice Services) joins our service delivery team
  • 2005 – Montana Family Medicine Residency Program becomes a part of RiverStone Health

We serve our communities by providing HELP – Health, Education, Leadership and Protection. By actively engaging in community health initiatives, issues and concerns, we combine the strength of government with the power of vision in an entrepreneurial model that transforms how we think of public health.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality of services, delivered by the people you trust, remains unchanged.

RiverStone Health … connecting you to a better life.

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