Inspections & Permits

Mobile Food

Food trucks and pushcarts


Mobile Food Establishments

Plan Review Application


New Licenses

Step 1:  Complete and submit Plan Review Application and required fee to RiverStone Health.

Step 2:  Contact local agencies for building, zoning and fire code and obtain required permits for mobile food trucks and pushcarts.

Step 3:  Upon written approval of plans, construction/remodeling of mobile food trucks and pushcarts can begin.

Step 4:  Contact RiverStone Health to schedule a pre-opening inspection.

Step 5:  The license fee will be collected and the license issued during the pre-opening inspection.

License Renewals

Licenses are reviewed and issued annually (January 1- December 31) by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.  Current license holders will receive a renewal application in November.  Renewal payments are due by December 31 to avoid a late fee.  For questions on renewals, contact 406.444.2415 or


Mobile food establishments are inspected one or more times each year.  Inspection frequency is determined by the complexity of the operation and the history of compliance with the food rules.  Additional fees are charged for violations that are not corrected within the time-frame specified in the inspection report.


To report a complaint, call Environmental Health Services at 406.256.2770.