Centering Pregnancy

CenteringPregnancy® prenatal care brings women at the same stage of their pregnancies to talk about shared concerns, learn ways to nurture themselves and their developing baby, and create a support network. The Centering model of healthcare involves 10 sessions during pregnancy and after the baby’s birth.

Listening to other women share concerns helps the pregnant women adjust to the changes experienced during pregnancy and increase the individual’s motivation to make lifestyle changes.

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Women in the group take their own blood pressure and weight before having an individual check-up with their provider. Afterward, the pregnant women and the provider discuss specific health topics.

The term Centering comes from the belief that healthcare should be centered or focused on the pregnant women. When a group of people come together for a common purpose of health and well-being to share information and learn together, the level of understanding, engagement, and support increases.

CenteringPregnancy has been shown to effectively increase babies’ birth weights, increase breastfeeding and immunization rates, and lower the rate of preterm deliveries.

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