Frequently Asked Questions

Making a decision about home care for yourself or a loved one is never easy. These answers may make you more comfortable with your options. Please call us at 406.651.6500 if you have additional questions about your specific situation.

  • RiverStone Health Home Care Services has more than 40 years of experience providing Home Care Services.
  • We have a sliding fee scale for those without insurance coverage who qualify.
  • We are a local community-based organization.
  • The Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) recognizes the excellence of our services.
  • We are certified by Medicare and Medicaid.
  • An on-call nurse is available to answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We are ready to answer your questions, without obligation.

A nurse or therapist does a thorough interview and evaluation during the first visit to your home, to come up with a coordinated and proactive approach to your care. We partner with your medical providers to promote your health. Our team approach eases the move from a hospital or nursing facility to your home. We’ll also actively engage you and your family, or caregivers, in learning how to help you stay healthy.

Your care plan is tailored to meet your needs. First, a nurse or therapist evaluates your needs. Then, we’ll work with the doctor and you to develop your personal plan. The doctor-ordered care plan determines the services we can provide. We’ll keep your doctor updated on your progress. If your needs change, we’ll work with you and your doctor to review and adjust your care plan.

Your doctor’s orders in your personal care plan determine the services available and the frequency of home health care visits. If your condition changes, your doctor may change your care plan.

Certainly, we would be honored to provide services. Federal law gives Medicare patients the freedom to choose their healthcare provider.

You may be able to receive home health care if:

  • A doctor prescribes home health care.
  • You need either skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis or therapy services such as physical therapy or speech therapy.
  • You are “homebound,” restricted in your ability to leave home, and a doctor must certify your homebound status.

Generally, you’re considered homebound if you have a condition due to an illness or injury that restricts your ability to leave home without another person’s help or the aid of a supportive device, such as a cane or walker.  In other words, if leaving home requires considerable and taxing effort or if leaving home is medically inadvisable, you may be considered homebound.

You can still be considered homebound if you leave home as often as you need for medical treatment which cannot be provided at home. Some brief and infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as attending church, getting a haircut, or traveling to occasional family gatherings are also permitted under the definition of homebound.

If your doctor certifies that you need it, and if you meet certain eligibility requirements, Medicare may pay for your home health care. Montana’s Medicaid Program or your private insurance also may cover home health care, or some services that Medicare doesn’t cover. We coordinate our billing with many sources, including Medicare, Medicaid, managed care insurances, long-term care insurances, and Workers’ Compensation. We also accept private payment for services and offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify.

We provide home care to you wherever you call home. It can be your house, an apartment, a relative’s home, a group home, or assisted living. Home health care services cannot be provided in a hospital, skilled nursing facility (SNF) or intermediate care facility (ICF).

Home health care provides medical treatment for an illness or injury, to help you recover, regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible. Home health care can also help you manage a chronic condition, like heart disease, diabetes, pain management or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If your doctor orders it, your care plan may also include some personal care services, like help in bathing or getting dressed.

Home care services usually fall into two categories: skilled nursing and personal care services.

  • Household and personal care services include essential daily activities like preparing meals, cleaning, and help with bathing or dressing. Those non-medical needs are usually provided by home health aides and can only be provided in conjunction with a skilled nursing or therapy need.
  • A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse provides skilled nursing services like tube feedings, catheter changes and wound care. Skilled therapy services include speech therapy to regain language skills; physical therapy to regain movement or strength; or occupational therapy, to regain the ability to do normal daily activities such as eating and dressing.

Our goal is to begin providing you with home care services as soon as possible, often within 48 hours.

Hospice care provides care and comfort to those with a terminal illness. Home care provides medical treatment to help you recover from an illness or injury, or help you live with a chronic condition.

RiverStone Health Home Care Services sets a standard in meeting the challenges of caring for individuals who are recovering from illness or surgery in their home surroundings. We are recognized for our standard of excellence by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP).  In a national comparison, RiverStone Health Home Care Services ranks high in preventing hospitalizations. Frequent hospitalizations can be a red flag that someone needs to be closely monitored by a team of medical professionals. Studies show that quality home care can significantly reduce expense by preventing repeated trips to the emergency room.

Give us a call 406.651.6500 to arrange a time to discuss your situation and how we might help. The consultation is free and you are under no obligation to accept our services. Together, we’ll talk about the care you or your loved one needs and what we are able to provide. We can answer your questions regarding our services and charges.