Clinic Services

RiverStone Health Clinic

Welcome to RiverStone Health Clinic at 123 South 27th Street. With the new Clinic we’ve created a healing space that promotes our patient-centered, team approach to comprehensive primary care.

At the information desk in the spacious lobby, you can be connected to all of the services available at RiverStone Health. Comfortable waiting areas, including separate family-friendly areas with child-sized furniture and activity tables, are arranged with privacy in mind. The new patient check-in desks also allow for privacy.

Team Care

From the front check-in area, hallways divide the Clinic into four teams of providers, two on each side of the building. The Clinic contains 48 spacious exam rooms, up from 31 exam rooms in the former Clinic. Signs identify teams A through D. The four procedure rooms include one equipped as an obstetrical ultrasound suite, where patients who are pregnant can see the ultrasound of their developing baby in real time. The center section of the Clinic includes behavioral health counseling rooms, pharmacy consultation rooms and the x-ray room.

Connecting Our Services

Caring for You

  • We provide care for the whole family, from pre-natal care, caring for infants and children to aging adults. We work with you in screening, preventing and managing chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or heart disease. We can also help you get dental care, immunizations, behavioral health counseling or pharmacy services.
  • Same day appointments for minor injuries or illnesses often mean you can avoid the expense of emergency department visits.
  • It’s easy to become a patient. Call us at 406.247.3350 to make an appointment.
  • We accept most insurance plans and provide clinic services to anyone in need, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.
  • As a Community Health Center, RiverStone Health Clinics offer a sliding fee scale that allows us to adjust charges for healthcare services based on income and family size.
  • Our online, secure health app allows you to easily get access to your medical record. This tool helps you better manage your care and communicate with your healthcare team.
  • As an established patient, you can reach our after-hours service by calling 406.247.3350.

RiverStone Health Clinic - Billings
123 South 27th Street
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: 406.247.3350


Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Monday – Thursday, 5 – 7pm Acute Care

Saturday, 9am – 4pm Acute Care

Blood Draw Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, closed 12pm-1pm

RiverStone Health Clinic is a Health Center Program grantee under Title 42 Section 254b of the United States code and its providers and staff are deemed to be Public Health Service employees under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).