Clinic Services

Clinic Board

The RiverStone Health Clinic Board of Directors reviews and revises healthcare policies, including the scope and availability of services and quality of care for the federally-qualified health center (Clinic) and Healthcare for the Homeless program. In conjunction with RiverStone Health, the Clinic Board also assures that the Clinic operates in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Dale Anderson

Career: Retired Teacher

Year joined: 15+ years

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I joined the Board many years ago because I believed RiverStone Health (then the Deering Clinic) was providing very important services to a population that traditionally has difficulty accessing appropriate medical care. I am a patient of RiverStone Health and I thought my experiences as a consumer would benefit the Board. I am also a big fan of the residency program we offer. RiverStone Health is an excellent place to develop primary care skills and a large percentage of the graduating residents choose to remain in Montana serving communities as primary/family physicians. It has been my honor to serve on the RiverStone Health Clinic Board.

Phyllis Crawford

Joined board: 15+ years

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: Like they say, you’re never too old to learn. It is nice to see what is going on in our community and with government issues on heath. I also am a sounding board for people who have a problem or questions on RiverStone’s operations and policies, etc. People talk to me and I have a few suggestions on better policies.

We have very interesting members and they do well on getting the job done. We would be lost without them. The dental department, immunes, etc., are helpful to the uninsured.

Florence Garcia

Career: Associate Dean, City College at Montana State University Billings, since 2014

Joined board: 2014

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: I am committed to serving on the RiverStone Health Clinic Board because I have always volunteered in the community and I recognize the importance of health in all aspects of humanity. As a member of a diverse population myself, and as someone who utilized the clinic in my younger years, I feel a connection to the mission of the Clinic and to the staff who so selflessly make this their life’s work.
I am passionate about mental and behavioral health issues because that influences every aspect of healthcare and I see that as a future challenge. I have been impressed with the kindness and quality of care provided by the staff, as well as the professionalism and attitude of the board members with whom I serve. I have a difficult time calling it “service,” because it is my “privilege” to know and work with such outstanding people.

Melida Kessler

Career/Occupation: School counselor Billings Public Schools.

Joined Board: 2016

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: As a school counselor in a low-income school, I see the need our families have for quality health and dental care. Everyone in our community deserves quality healthcare by providers who are empathetic to their needs, regardless of their socioeconomic status. I see a growing need for mental health support and services and I am passionate about helping RiverStone Health continue to expand in this area.

Bob Reed

Career: Pastor/Deputy Sheriff

Year joined: 2009

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: It is an honor to have a part in serving on this board. We deal with a variety of subjects, all aimed at providing the best medical care to those outside of the cities. It is important to know those we are serving and those who are serving them. As board members, we deal with both. Being on the RiverStone Health Clinic Board has been a time of learning.

Tom Singer

Career: Attorney at Axilon Law Group, PLLC since 2005.

Year joined: 2010

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: The Board is the steward of the Clinic’s resources, which need to be used to advance the Clinic’s mission and benefit those with the greatest need.

Lionel Tapia

Career: Physician

Year joined: 2003

Why you’re committed to serving on the board: Having an interest in health care for populations at risk, I served in the U.S. Public Health Service at the end of my residency training. I have been involved in community health centers in one way or another for 33 years. I continue to be convinced the community health centers provide a vital service in ways that would not otherwise happen for folks that need these services.